So, you have decided to give a talk or just thinking about it, anyway
– it’s great! We recommend you not to postpone this decision, be brave and submit a talk. Below you can see our conditions and recommendations

The world of .NET is diverse and continues to develop actively. New approaches, tools and frameworks are used on the projects all the time. We will readily review all applications with your bold projects, insane ideas and experiments. Following topics we want to see in the conference program in the first place:

What topics we are looking for:

  • .NET Framework, libraries, platforms
  • .NET development and testing toolset
  • Microsoft Azure
  • .NET Core
  • F#
  • Microservices, distributed systems
  • Architectural patterns
  • Cloud technologies, containers and continuous delivery
  • Cross-platform development in .NET
  • Machine learning using .NET tools and technologies
  • Optimization of .NET applications on different layers
  • Secure development
  • DevOps culture, engineering practices
  • trends from .NET industry